xBridge is an integrated procurement system for supplier management, e-sourcing, business process, and contract management.

The Only Procurement System You’ll Ever Need

We aim to facilitate the relationship between supplier or manufacturer to retail and wholesale businesses replacing paper transaction which is inefficient and not accurate.

Centrally Managed


Document Management

Data Analytics

Delivery Management

Payment Processing

Financial Supply Chain


Delivery Planning

Centrally Managed Standardized Procurement Process

Centralize access to procurement data to promote informed decisions to drive adoption of consistent procurement best practices across the organization.

  • Shorten the time to buy goods and services
  • Ensure healthy supplier competition to meet quality and price objectives
  • Track spending and compliance with procurement policy


Efficiently engage suppliers for sourcing events, analyze supplier responses, and make smart award decisions.

  • Supplier response scoring
  • Efficient bid document distribution
  • Audit trail of transactions

Document Management

Proactively manage supplier engagements to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

  • Centralize supplier contract data
  • Invoicing and payment tracking

Secured Transaction Data

xBridge is built with security in mind and utilized encryption for data protection.

"Finally purchasing with confident!"

– Tom Wong

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